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Take the Relationship Test

1. Y    N    Do they take the time to listen to your problems or are they all wrapped up in themselves?

2. Y   N    When you have a decision to make do they encourage you to do the right thing?

3. Y   N    When you are alone, are they all hands?

4. Y    N   Met your parents or do they want you to meet theirs?

5. Y    N   Do they respect your limits and family rules?

6. Y    N   Do they make fun of you in front of friends, or put you down in private?

7. Y    N   Do they act “proud” of you around their friends.  Do they “show you off”?

8. Y    N   Have they ever tried to make you prove that you love them?

9. Y    N   Do you spend more time touching instead of talking?

10.Y   N   Do they keep your secrets?

11.Y   N  Do they flirt with your best friend?

12.Y   N   Have they ever encouraged you to lie to your family about anything?

13.Y    N   Do they understand when you have to change plans for a date? Do they throw a tantrum when you have to back out of plans to be together?

14 Y    N   Do they treat members of their own family or your family, with respect.?

15.Y   N   Do you share the same values?

Add up the number of “Y”.

What Your Score Means

10—9   Great Relationship!  Could be true love.  You feel cherished and respected and you like it.  What a good friend.

8—6   Watch it….  This person needs to grow up some. They lack respect for you and others.  Sexual control is probably not their virtue.  Genuine love wants what is best for the other person.  Not true love material yet.  Think about putting some distance between you to rethink what is best for both of you.

5 or less   LOOK OUT!!! The relationship is in serious trouble.  Find a trusted adult and talk about what is going on.  Someone is going to get hurt and it’s probably going to be you!  Anyone been trying to tell you that this person isn’t  right for you? 

You can back off and chill out. Learn from this relationship and try again. This sure could be the wrong person for you.  And just think, while you are all involved with this wrong person, THE RIGHT one might come along and think that you aren’t available.

Stay out of the sex trap.




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